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  • Three Letters of Recommendation are required, at least one from an academic setting is required. 
  • Make sure you have your reference’s proper email address.
  • The application system sends the referee an electronic form to be completed.
  • The referee will be asked to upload a letter of recommendation in their electronic form.

How does the reference submit a letter of recommendation?

When you complete, "submit", the application , 3 emails are automatically sent to each of the references email that you provide in the application.  The reference will be asked to fill in an online form and upload or copy and paste there letter of recommendation into the form.

Sample email sent to reference.

Hello {Reference First and Last Name},

{First and Last Name of applicant} gave us your name as a reference and indicated that you are willing to provide a reference in support of his/her application for the Bachelor of Social Work program at Indiana University. If you accept this request, please complete the electronic letter of recommendation form and upload a letter attesting to the student's character, skills, and abilities in completing a BSW. The recommendation can be completed in more than one sitting. You will be asked to upload a letter of recommendation. However, please know the student's application will be flagged as incomplete and will not be processed unless your submission is received on or before the due date.

We appreciate your time and energy and look forward to receiving your submission.

{First and Last Name of applicant} has answered in the application about the information you provide: I wish to retain my right of access to read the letter and form once I have been admitted to the program and enroll.

For your convenience, we have provided an online form to complete the reference: Letter of Recommendation form {Links to form reference is to complete, see sample below}.

For more information on our Bachelor's program, please visit: socialwork.iu.edu.

If you have any questions, please contact the IU School of Social Work at {campus contact infromation varies by program}.

Electronic form questions.
  • Referee Personal Information

    Please provide your personal contact info below:

  • Referee Last Name:

  • Referee First Name:

  • Referee Email:

  • Referee Address

  • How long and in what capacities have you known the applicant? Please note that relatives, parents, and friends are not allowed to provide references.

  • Referee Academic Information/Credentials

    Please provide information regarding your title, the organization you are associated with and any academic degrees you may have earned.

  • Referee Title/Position:

  • Referee Agency/Organization:

  • Agency/Organization Address:

  • Acedemic Degree(s)

  • Are you an Indiana University School of Social Work Alumni?

  • Summary Evaluation

  • Using the questions below, please rate the applicant relative to others whom you have known in a similar capacity.

    Rating scale:

    • Outstanding (Top 5%)
    • Excellent
    • Above Average
    • Average
    • Below Average
    • No Basis for Judgment


    • Intellectual Potential
    • Ability to Work with Others
    • Emotional Stability
    • Sense of Responsibility
    • Communication Skills: Oral
    • Communication Skills: Written
    • Ability to analyze a problem and formulate a solution
    • Motivation for proposed study in social work
    • Concern with social issues
    • Demonstrated commitment to work on behalf of oppressed populations
  • Letter of Recommendation

    Please provide a statement concerning the applicant’s scholarship, critical thinking skills, personality, character, and professional promise. Please include in the statement an assessment of strengths and deficits. Please comment on your view of the applicant’s philosophical congruence with the values and ethics of social work, if applicable. Please add any additional information that you deem critical for the assessment of this candidate.

  • Upload (PDF, DOC/DOCX, RTF) or directly enter the letter of recommendation

  • Please indicate the strength of your overall recommendation by selecting a category below:

    • Yes, I highly recommend for admission
    • Yes, I recommend
    • Yes, I recommend with reservation
    • No, I do not recommend for admission