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Admission Requirements

The following items are the minimum requirements for consideration for admission:

  1. Evidence of an earned bachelor’s degree from a college or university accredited by a recognized regional accrediting association, by providing an official transcript showing verification of the degree. 

  2. Evidence of course work in liberal arts, demonstrated by the successful completion of a minimum of six courses in social or behavioral sciences. Courses are accepted from the following disciplines: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Social Work.  An applicant may have no more than 3 pre-requisites from Economics or Political Science.  Other listed majors may have all six pre-requisites from those disciplines. 

    Applicants who are unclear whether a course will be accepted as a social or behavioral science pre-requisite course are encouraged to seek pre-approval.  This may be done by submitting a syllabus or a course description photocopied from a school bulletin.  A syllabus is preferable.  Please send materials to your prospective campus:

  3. Evidence of successful completion of one course in statistics.  This course can be taken in any discipline and on any level (graduate or undergraduate) so long as it was taken at an accredited college or university.  The school does not recommend any specific course.  The course may be taken pass/fail unless a course grade is needed for an applicant’s undergraduate degree. See the pre-approved statistics course list (PDF, > 1MB).  Applicants who are unclear whether a course will be accepted as a statistics pre-requisite course are encouraged to seek pre-approval.  See above for pre-approval process.

  4. An earned cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in the final 60 credit hours (or 90 quarter hours) of the degree.

    • IUSSW recognizes that every applicant has not necessarily enjoyed the same access to and opportunities for undergraduate education. However, it is necessary that an applicant address the issues that impacted their lower GPA. The MSW application will have a field for you to request a wavier to the 3.0 GPA requirement. Please indicate why you will now be able to be successful at the graduate level.

Admission to the Master of Social Work program is a very competitive process.  Simply meeting the minimum requirements listed above does not guarantee admission.