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Application Questions

The Application Questions are required for submission of the MSW application.


One of the most important aspects of your application is your ability to communicate, in writing, that you meet all of the requirements of IUSSW.  This is to be accomplished through the application questions.  It is of utmost importance that all materials are written exclusively by the applicant.  Any indication that someone else has substantially helped with or written this statement is grounds for rejection.

Application Questions

Your responses will aid the Admissions Committee in assessing your qualifications for professional social work practice.  Qualifications looked for are:  the ability to think analytically and conceptually; clarity in self-expression; responsiveness and sensitivity to diversity; commitment to improving social conditions; and the ability to function creatively, responsibly and independently. 

The application questions should be a total of 7-10 double-spaced pages using 12-point font. Please do not type out each question but number your responses accordingly. Save this document to be uploaded.

  1. Social work is a profession that involves working with individuals, groups and families and also includes practice in advocacy, public policy, leadership and management, community organization and development.  What is your perception of the profession of social work and how do you account for your interest?  This would include a history of paid, volunteer and life experiences that support your choice of social work as a profession.  What draws you to a MSW program at this time?
  2. A career in social work involves work with diverse populations.  The concept of cultural pluralism emphasizes respect for diversity of values, heritages, customs and lifestyles.  We are interested in your experience and exposure with people from diverse populations.  What personal qualities do you have in expressing yourself to be sensitive to people who are different from you?  How have your life experiences influenced your feelings, your values and your belief system with each of the following variables:
    1. Ethnicity (race, culture)
    2. Spiritual tradition different from your own
    3. Age
    4. Disability
    5. Socio-economic status
    6. Sexual orientation
  3. When social workers are in a situation where they must choose between two relevant, but competing choices, and where each choice may have an undesirable consequence for the parties involved, this is called an ethical dilemma.   Describe an ethical dilemma you have experienced.  Discuss your decision-making process and factors which contributed to the ultimate outcome.  Please protect confidentiality, and DO NOT reveal names of individuals or organizations. 
  4. Graduate school involves a tremendous commitment of time and energy.  The coursework, class preparation and assignments will require approximately 9 hours a week per class.  Two separate field practica of approximately 20-24 hours per week for 3 semesters can be emotionally charged.  These practica must be completed during regular daytime business hours; practicum sites do not offer night/evening/weekend hours. What are you doing to change your schedule and life to accommodate this commitment?   Describe the plans that you are making to adjust your personal and professional life in order to be successful in the MSW program.