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Child Welfare Scholars Program

The Child Welfare Scholars Program is offered through the Indiana Child Welfare Education and Training Partnership. The Child Welfare Scholars Program enables students to complete the Foundation and Intermediate Curriculum (the first 30 credit hours of the program) over two calendar years.  The final 30 credit hours, which is the concentration year, varies based on the choices made (i.e., children, youth and families or leadership concentration).  For additional information regarding this program, please contact Anita Osborn at aosborn@iupui.edu or (317) 274-2965 .

Eligibility for the Child Welfare Scholars Program is limited to current full-time employees of the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) who have permanent status.  Please note that the IUSSW admissions process is a separate and distinct process from the DCS funding process.  After an admission decision is made by IUSSW, the DCS will make funding recommendations. Additional information regarding the funding process will be supplied after successful admission to the MSW program. Please note that the number of available Child Welfare Scholars Program slots is limited and not all eligible applicants are guaranteed funding.  It is imperative that an applicant wanting this funding apply as early as possible.

An applicant may choose to request Child Welfare Scholars Program status and funding and attend  the part-time (day, evening or Saturday) program.  Advanced standing status is available for BSW graduates entering the Child Welfare Scholars Program.