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Writing Sample

The writing sample is required for submission of the MSW application.


Prepare a brief, original writing sample that demonstrates your academic abilities.  This cannot be a previously written paper or classroom assignment.  It is not advisable to write about a topic related to your own history. Save this document to be uploaded.

Your paper must contain the following:

  1. Describe an aspect of a major social problem in American society that is of interest to you. 
  2. For the issue identified, recommend a policy change or program idea that would help the population impacted.
  3. Discuss the implications of this topic to social work practice.
  4. Provide citations and include a reference page.  An abstract is not necessary.
  • Font:  12 point
  • Pages:  Exactly 3 pages of text excluding title and reference page
  • Spacing:  Double spacing
  • Format:  Include title and reference page
  • Citation style:  American Psychological Association (APA) preferred

For assistance with APA see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/.