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IPFW Advanced Standing Cohort

A Bachelor of Social Work graduate (from a Council on Social Work Education accredited program) has completed the coursework to prepare them for advanced standing status.  Therefore, all BSWs must apply for advanced standing status, for the  part-time evening cohort at the Fort Wayne IPFW campus.  The MSW admissions committee will first assess the applicant for readiness to enter the MSW program at the intermediate level.  If an applicant is not awarded advanced standing, he/she will automatically be considered for the full 60 credit hour degree program.  This alleviates the need to resubmit an application.

If offered advanced standing, the applicant will be given credit by credential for the first 15 hours of the program, which entails a $300 fee.  The next 15 credit hours of intermediate level courses will occur based on the cohort chosen.  After completion of these intermediate courses students begin taking courses in their concentration.  

A BSW graduate has five years from the conferral of their BSW degree to apply for advanced standing.  After five years a BSW level social worker must apply to the full 60 credit hour MSW program.

Regardless of which advanced standing cohort you choose – the following information is for all cohorts:

  1. As a graduate student, one must be prepared for a very rigorous program of study which includes classroom, class preparation, research, reading and practicum time.  It is generally difficult to work full-time and attend school full-time.
  2. Each advanced standing applicant must submit four letters of reference.  One must be from a full-time faculty member (not an adjunct faculty) from your school who can best speak to your ability to attend the MSW program as an advanced standing student.  Another reference must be from your agency field instructor.  This should be the agency social worker/field instructor who was responsible for your supervision.  Do not use the faculty field coordinator who placed you in the agency unless he/she had supervision responsibilities. If the applicant cannot contact the field instructor then the final field evaluation may be substituted for this reference. There are separate references forms for the faculty and field instructor references.  The other two references are the applicant’s choice.
  3. All advanced standing applications are due in early January 2017 and an applicant may only apply to one campus and one cohort per year.
  4. There are two separate field experiences for each student.  The first one (555) is one semester, 20 hours per week.  The concentration practica (651 & 652) are done either in two continuous semesters, 20 hours per week, or in a one semester block at 40 hours per week.
  5. A student needs to know that the field practicum hours are available exclusively during regular daytime business hours.
  6. A mandatory full-day orientation will be held in March 2017.