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Social Work Licensure

The practice of social work is regulated separately in each state throughout the United States.  This means that in order to practice social work, one must have a license to do so.  The MSW graduate is immediately eligible to apply for the LSW (license to practice social work) upon graduation from IUSSW.  This entails applying through the Behavioral Health and Human Services Board and then passing a national examination.

A licensed LSW can begin to practice clinical social work under the supervision of an LCSW (licensed clinical social worker).  After two years of clinical supervision by the LCSW, then one can apply for the LCSW through the same process as noted above.

For details concerning the Indiana Licensing Agency (IPLA) which is the home for the Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board go to:


Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board
Professional Licensing Agency
Attn: Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board
402 West Washington Street, Room W-072
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
  • Cindy Vaught, Board Director
  • Heather Hollcraft, Assistant Director
  • Andrea Wade, Customer Service Representative
  • Amanda Ezell, Customer Service Representative
  • Codie Conlin, Customer Service Representative
  • Angie Kaiser, Customer Service Representative

Staff Phone Number: (317) 234-2054
Staff E-mail: pla8@pla.IN.gov
Agency Fax:  (317) 233-4236

2015 Process for Licensure (PDF, > 1MB)

The following PDF document highlights licensure issues in Indiana.  Please know that this is one interpretation only; please contact IPLA for further information and clarification. 

Professional Licensure and Disciplinary Issues (PDF, > 1MB)