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Child Welfare Certificate Program

Indiana University School of Social Work offers a Certificate in Child Abuse and Neglect at the undergraduate level on the IUPUI campus. It is open to social work and non-social work students.

You must apply and be accepted to IUPUI before you can apply for the Child Abuse and Neglect Certificate.

Child abuse and neglect continues to be a major social problem and a workforce issue across the nation. Many organizations have identified challenges in the public child welfare workforce. Employment in public child welfare has always been and continues to be emotionally and sometimes physically demanding, and requires workers, who often have little academic preparation, to make life and death decisions on behalf of children and their families. It is not surprising, then, to learn that turnover is a problem for most public child welfare agencies. “In the child welfare field, research shows that those who are most prepared to do the job are also the most likely to remain on the job” (Social Work Policy Institute, 2010, para. 20). The Certificate in Child Abuse and Neglect provides additional pathways for preparation to students interested in careers in public child welfare as well as in supporting children and families vulnerable for child abuse and neglect.


Theoretical Foundation: 6 credit hours required– 3 hours MUST be from the Diversity course.
  • S102: Understand Diversity in a Pluralistic Society (REQUIRED) 3 credits, offered online
  • S221: Human Behavior and the Social Environment 3 credits, offered online


  • B310: Life Span Development 3 credits
  • S251: History and Analysis of Social Welfare Policy 3 credits, offered online


  • Y213: Introduction to Public Policy 3 credits
Specific Content: 12 credit hours required; one course on substance abuse and one course on families is highly recommended
  • S305: Introduction to Child Protection (REQUIRED) 3 credits
  • S201: Introduction to Case Management (REQUIRED) 3 credits, offered online
  • S180: Exploring Child Welfare in Indiana 3 credits, offered online
  • S306: Crisis Intervention 3 credits, offered online
  • S309: Working with Families 3 credits
  • S300: Domestic Violence 3 credits, offered online
  • R314: Families and Society 3 credits
  • B396: Alcoholism and Drug Abuse 3 credits
  • S410: Alcohol, Drugs, and Society (Pre-req. R100) 3 credits
  • S442: Practice-Policy Seminar in Fields of Practice: Public Child Welfare OR Substance Abuse OR Children and Families 3 credits, offered online

Getting Started

Enrollment in the Certificate in Child Abuse and Neglect requires formal admission to Indiana University. The following are the minimum requirements for consideration for admission to the certificate:

  1. Regular admission to the university
  2. Currently pursuing an undergraduate degree. In this case, applicant needs to have a minimum of 26 credit hours to be considered for admission.


  1. Completion of an undergraduate degree.

    A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.