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Admission Requirements

Pre-requisites: Applicants, regardless of bachelor's degree, must have completed six social science courses.  These courses can be from any of the following disciplines:  social work, psychology, sociology, criminal justice, anthropology, political science, or economics. An applicant may have no more than 3 pre-requisites from economics or political science. Other listed majors may have all 6 pre-requisites from their discipline. We will also review transcripts and syllabi upon request to see if other courses would count for this requirement.

A course in statistics is another pre-requisite requirement.  If students take statistics in a social science area, such as social work, sociology or psychology, statistics will also count toward the social science requirement.  Students who already possess a bachelor's degree are welcome to take statistics pass or fail, if the university and professor permit the option.

GPA:  The IUSSW wants students to have a 3.0 GPA  in the last 60 hours of the  undergraduate degree.  Students with a GPA below 3.0 may petition for an exception by following the directions in the application.  The petition gives students the opportunity to explain any obstacles that prevented them from achieving a higher GPA or to present other evidence about their ability to be successful in graduate school.  

Students must read all the directions for the admissions packet and submit it with all required documentation to their desired campus.  Students should not submit materials separately.