Fall 2018 Issue of Advances in Social Work Release


Social work is a diverse, growing, and dynamic profession with new areas of practice emerging all of the time. In the Fall 2018 issue of Advances in Social Work we are pleased to present 14 manuscripts--11 empirical, 3 conceptual--written by 38 authors from 13 states across the U.S., representing the East Coast (CT, FL, MA, NY), the Midwest (KY, IL, IN, MN), the West (CA, ID, OR) and the South (LA, MS). Three papers address cutting-edge issues relevant to social work research, five papers present innovations related to teaching, and seven papers present practice-related advancements. A diverse array of topics are addressed including public access to research, social work in libraries, young minority fathers, social work supervision, virtual teaching, resilience of MSW students, perinatal depression, text-based crisis counseling, gun safety, civic engagement, depression education for high schoolers, SBIRT implementation, evidence-based practice, and self-care among social workers. We are privileged to offer the contribution of these scholars and practitioners to advancing the knowledge base of the profession.

Current Issue  

Vol 18 No 4 (2018): Fall 2018

Published: 2019-01-22

Editorial: Innovations in Social Work, Margaret E. Adamek, ii-iv

Message from the Dean; Tamara Sue Davis, i

Behind the Wall: An Exploration of Public Access to Research Articles in Social Work Journals, Kimberly Pendell, 1041-1052

From Nuisances to Neighbors: Inclusion of Patrons Experiencing Homelessness Through Library and Social Work Partnerships, Mary A. Provence, 1053-1067

Supporting Recruitment and Retention of Young African-American and Hispanic Fathers in Community-Based Parenting Interventions Research, Cristina Mogro-Wilson, Crystal Hayes, Alysse Melville Loomis, Aubri Drake, Melanie Martin-Peele, Judith Fifield, 1068-1084

Introducing BSW Students to Social Work Supervision Prior to Field: A BSW-MSW Student Partnership, Amy Killen Fisher, Chris Simmons, Susan C. Allen, 1085-1102

Innovative Strategies for Building Community Among Faculty Who Teach in Virtual Environments, Sara L. Schwartz, Eugenia L. Weiss, June L. Wiley, 1103-1112

What Doesn’t Kill You: Correlates of Resilience Among Master of Social Work Students, Jacky T. Thomas, Blake Beecher, 1113-1134

Perinatal Depression Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Among Graduate Social Work Students, Deepika Goyal, Meekyung Han, 1135-1146

Reaching Young People Through Texting-Based Crisis Counseling: Process, Benefits, and Challenges, Ande Nesmith, 1147-1164

Social Work Practice and Gun Safety in the United States: Are We Doing Enough?, Patricia Logan-Greene, Michelle Sperlich, Adair Finucane, 1165-1186

Engaging MSW Students in Policy Practice: Evaluation of Civic and Course-Learning Outcomes, Younghee Lim, Mi-Youn Yang, Elaine M. Maccio, Trey Bickham, 1187-1205

Depression Education As Primary Prevention: The Erika’s Lighthouse School-Based Program For High School Students, Michael Kelly, Heather Freed, Peggy Kubert, Sarah Greibler, 1206-1217

Student, Faculty, and Field Instructor Approaches to SBIRT Implementation: Implications for Model Fidelity, Mohan Vinjamuri, Lydia P. Ogden, Jessica M. Kahn, 1218-1236

Exploring How Practicing Social Workers’ Define Evidence-Based Practice: A Research Note, Jill M. Chonody, Barbra Teater, 1237-1249

Examining Self-Care Among Individuals Employed in Social Work Capacities: Implications for the Profession, J. Jay Miller, Joann Lianekhammy, Erlene Grise-Owens, 1250-1266