School of Social Work faculty are being awarded two Curriculum Enhancement Grants

Indiana University School of Social Work faculty are being awarded two Curriculum Enhancement Grants, one involving the School of Social Work and the School of Law, while the other will be used to help develop an online Master of Social Work program.

The first grant was awarded to Assistant Professor of Social Work Stephanie Boys and to Carrie Hagan, a Clinical Associate Professor of Law. Their project is aimed at enhancing the joint JD/MSW program, as well as the experiences of JD and MSW students respectively, through the development of a new course via an interdisciplinary partnership between the Schools of Law and Social Work.

Hagan and Boys believe a social work practicum course option could be developed to be offered at the law school through the Civil Practice Clinic. It would be opened to social work and law students, serving as a practicum setting for MSW students, and as an interdisciplinary clinical course offering for law students.

“Currently, there is a great movement for interdisciplinary partnerships between the Schools of Law and Social Work, and for IUPUI to implement one would allow for the development of a national reputation in this area,” Boys and Hagan noted in their proposal request.

The other grant went to Drs. Phil Ouellette, Robert Vernon, Darlene Lynch, Robert Bennett, Kathy Lay, Virginia Majewski, Associate Dean of the School of Social Work, and David Wilkerson, a Visiting Lecturer, to convert more MSW courses to online offerings and develop a plan for an online MSW program.

In announcing the grants, School of Social Work Dean Michael Patchner, said “Please join me in congratulating these faculty members for their creativity and innovation. Their work will certainly enhance the School and move us forward.”

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Rob Schneider
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