Social Work students receive recognition for academic honors

Congratulations were the order of the day as the School of Social Work held its Honors Convocation Friday in the Lecture Hall on the IUPUI Campus.

The ceremony recognized Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work students for special honors, scholarship recipients and Phi Alpha inductees. Phi Alpha represents the top 20 percent of graduating MSW and BSW students with GPAs above 3.5.

Students being  honored included:

IUPUI Chancellor’s Scholar: Mandy Parrino

Graduates with Honors: Kelly Garver, With Distinction; Shay Mays, With Distinction; Heather Srncik, With Distinction; Laura Johnson, High Distinction; Katherine Lykins, Highest Distinction; Mandy Parrino, Highest Distinction.

IUPUI Office for Women Leadership Award for Outstanding Student Leadership: Rebecca Carmen Rodriguez.

William Plater Civic Medallion Recipients: Megan Blaising, Margaret Gleason and Jennifer McGann.

Top 100 Outstanding Students for 2011: Margaret Gleason and Samantha Taylor.

BSW and MSW Scholarship Winners:

honord studentsCallie Akridge – Barbara Hirsch Bass Scholarship/Fellowship; Shawn Appleget – William Evans Quan Scholarship; Candace Arnold – IUSSW Undergrad Education Scholarship; Karen Arnold – Minnie & Mary Rigg Fellowship; Debra Austin – Barbara Hirsch Bass Scholarship/Fellowship; Nikki Barnes – Behroozi Scholarship for the Study of Social Work with Groups and the Sheldon and Natalie Siegel Scholarship; Brandon Basore – Brad Lighty Memorial Fund; Alyson Boffo – IUSSW Undergrad Education Scholarship;  Jessica Brown – Margaret A. McCormick Scholarship; Lindsay Burnett – Margaret A. McCormick Scholarship; Autumn Hansen – Margaret A. McCormick Scholarship; Ryan Heck – Mondonna Pang Endowment;  Shawn Hensley – Alice B. Moore Fellowship; Elizabeth Hilderbrand – School of Social Work Scholarship; Marlena Edmondson – Barbara Hirsch Bass Scholarship/Fellowship; Nancy Eisenman – Mondonna Pang Endowment; Kelby Geiger – Mondonna Pang Endowment; Angelica Jaramillo – Minnie and Mary Rigg Fellowship; Sara Kaufman – Mondonna Pang Endowment; Amy LaGrange – Linde-Ruhr Scholarship; Mary Mallay – Linde-Ruhr Scholarship; Kathryn Malone – Agnes Anderson Memorial Fund; Catherine McChesney – Minnie and Mary Rigg Fellowship; Mandy Metzcar – Barbara Hirsch Bass Scholarship/Fellowship; Britni Morrison – Mondonna Pang Endowment; Ifeoma Morrison – Minnie & Mary Rigg Fellowship; Jessica Moses – Dr. Will Scott Scholarship in Child Welfare; Agnes Ndisya – Minnie & Mary Fellowship; Katherine Oholorogg – Brad Lighty Memorial Fund; Nwamaka Onochie – IUSSW Undergrad Education Scholarship; Heather Pentecost – Genevieve Means McLeod Scholarship; Kari Priser – IUSSW Undergrad Education Scholarship; Amanda Quillen – Minnie & Mary Rigg Fellowship; Sara Sexson – Alice B. Moore Fellowship; Monte Simonton Jr. – Minnie & Mary Rigg Fellowship; Marva Standford – Marion Wagner Feminist Organizing Scholarship; Christopher Strait – Mary H. Houk Memorial Scholarship; Samantha Taylor – IUSSW Undergrad Education Scholarship; Penny Thomerson – Mondonna Pang Endowment; Marjorie Weiss – Mondonna Pang Endowment.

Phi Alpha inductees:

BSW Students – Candace Arnold; Rachel Badger; Ashely Baker; Caroline Cahall; Alyssa Chhandler; Kevin Gibson; Lindsay Hill; Brianna Hunter; Ericka Huntsman; Laura Johnson; Kristina Liput; Shay Mays; Kristin Mays; Jennifer McCarrell; Sarah McCashland; Kathy Moore; Britni Morrison-Bugbee; Eileen Muirhead; Liv Norby; Patricia Peaper; Kari Priser; Geri Quinn; Jami Schnurpel; Wendell Snowden; Lori Stephenson; Britany Swallow; Mary Syme; Karen Tevis; Ruemonte Tevis and Mary Thomas.

MSW Students – Barbara Andersen; Mary Binz; Aja Boudreau; Samantha Briggs; Alyssa Busch; Amy Cannon; Manda Collins; Karen Dague; Cassandra Darling; Laura DuBach; Katharine Esarey; Heather Fisher; Richard Friedman; Kristian Gibson; Angela Guimond; Rachael Halbach; Amanda Hale; Michelle Hallmark; Hannah Helms; Shawn Hensley; Crystal Houchens; Angela Isley; Jacqueline Lentz; Laura Linville; Julia Machledt; Matthew Moore; Sondra Polach; Abigail Reding; Colleen Rose; Leslie Rowland; Bethany Schoenradt; Abbe Shapiro; Carol Sidell; Lori Stock; Julia Stolle; Angela Summers; Jada Svoboda; Wendy Taylor; Tiffany Toles and April White.

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