Team BSW

TEAM BSW stepped up to the challenge of the third annual Regatta, IUPUIā€™s signature canoe race, on the Downtown Canal in Indianapolis.

The four Bachelor of Social Work students, Liv Norby, Alyssa Chandler, Kristin Mays and Alexandria White,  and their “coach” Dr. Lisa McGuire, the Interim Director of the BSW Program at IUPUI, were among nearly 100 teams that participated in the event that raises money for undergraduate scholarships.

Team BSW at Reggatta
Alyssa Chandler (from left), Kristin Mays,
Dr. McGuire, Alexandria White and Liv Norby

Like the other teams, TEAM BSW used two students to paddle a fourth-mile stretch of the canal, while the other two team members made the return trip.

Team BSW at Reggatta
Kristin Mays and Alyssa Chandler (at right) survive
a collision with another canoe

While TEAM BSW did not win, Dr. McGuire pointed out they did achieve their main goal: they managed to complete the race without tipping over.

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