BSW, MSW students recognized for achievements at School of Social Work honors Convocation

Bachelor and Master of Social Work students were honored on May 4th for receiving university-level recognition, scholarships, being Child Welfare Scholars and Kappa Gamma Phi Alpha inductees at the Indiana University School of Social Work Honors Convocation.Paragraph

Alida Goffinski was recognized as the IUPUI Chancellor’s Scholar.

BSW MSW HonorsGraduates with Honors included Lindsay Hill, With Distinction; Brianna Hunter, With Distinction; Rhonda Jessee, With Distinction; Lori Stephenson, With Distinction; Liv Norby, High Distinction, Alan Goffinski, High Distinction, Alida Goffinski, Highest Distinction.

Students receiving the William Plater Civic Medallion: Lael Hill, Lindsay Hill, Angelica Jaramillo, Jaclyn Newton, and Rebeca Rodriguez.

IUPUI Top 100 Outstanding Students for 2012 were Angelica Jaramillo and Devon Jones.

BSW Child Welfare Scholars: Lindsay Hill, Brianna Hunter, Leigh Ann Kiefling, Destiny Perry, and Jayda Reyes.

MSW Child Welfare Scholars: Rosa Banuelos, Myron Dance, Lindsey Dudley, Lisa Juday, Desirae Moore, Rico Rosado, Sara Sailors, Autumn Sprecher.

Students honored for receiving scholarships included:

Holly L. Adams – Barbara Hirsch Bass Scholarship/Fellowship

Amelia R. Allen – Genevieve Means McLeod Scholarship

Cari L. Andrews – Stephanie Allison Black Scholarship

Domini Bryant – Minnie and Mary Rigg Fellowship

Jennifer Crowell –   William Evans Quan Scholarship

Logan G. Emmitt – Theodora Allen Memorial Scholarship

Leah Fifthian – IUSSW Undergrad Education Scholarship

Allison E. Garrison – Marion Wagner Feminist Organization Scholarship

Amanda Gilliam – Mondonna Pang Endowment

Marzena E. Guzik – Mary H. Houk Memorial Scholarship

Pamela Hamilton – Margaret A. McCormick Scholarship

Autumn L. Hansen – Dr. Will Scott Scholarship in Child Welfare

Ryan D. Heck – Mondonna Pang Endowment

Jaimie L. Huguenard – Barbara Hirsch Bass Scholarship/Fellowship

Samantha R. Karlin – Agnes Anderson Memorial Fund

Chelsea Kaufman – IUSSW Undergrad Education Scholarship

Brittany M. Lowry –Mondonna Pang Endowment

Diana R. Lunsford – Mondonna Pang Endowment

Mary Mallay – Sheldon and Natalie Siegel Scholarship

Jessia Mayo – Linde-Ruhr Scholarship

Stephanie McGee – Minnie and Mary Rigg Fellowship

Danielle McKenzie – Brad Robert Lighty Memorial Fund

Traci C. Mitchell – Barbara Hirsch Bass Scholarship/Fellowship

Ifeoma Bugbee Morrison – Minnie and Mary Rigg Fellowship

Alexis Panico – Brad Robert Lighty Memorial Fund

Amanda Quillen – Minnie and Mary Rigg Fellowship

Bryn Ramsey – IUSSW Undergrad Education Scholarship

Maria A. Rasche – Minnie and Mary Rigg Fellowship

Betha J. Rush – Alice B. Moore Fellowship

Megan F. Sanders – Mondonna Pang Endowment

Monte M. Simonton – Minnie and Mary Rigg Fellowship

Ryan T. Wilson – Behroozi Scholarship for the Study of Social Work with Groups

LaKeisha Woods – Mondonna Pang Endowment

Associate Dean Virginia Majewski explained prior to students being inducted into the Kappa Gamma chapter of Phi Alpha that it was founded in 1962 and continues as the premier social work academic honor society. “The highest academic honor that one can receive at Indiana University School of Social Work is extended to you because you all are proven candidates for initiation and have met the requirements of our organization.” Phi Alpha represents the top 20 percent of graduating MSW students who have a minimum of a GPA of 3.85 and BSW students with a GPA above 3.5.

Students inducted into Phi Alpha:

Shawn Appleget, Kim Baer, Laura D. Benslay, Linda J. Bond, Regina Cantrell, Amy Marie Carter, Brenda Chapin, Vanessa Cochran, Lisa Cooper, Caitlin Dillingham, Mary Beth Dzubay, Autumn L. Hansen, Evan Harris, Lillian Herbers-Kelly, Hannah Huebner, Kate Elizabeth Kneifel, Rhonda S. Kontos, Amelia Leake, Traci Mitchell, Stephen Moisoff, Timothy Otsu, Beth Ann Pocock, Megan Sanders, Erica Seabaugh, Monte Simonton, Sabrina Marie Straub, Christine Swarm, Mattew Walsh, Molly Walsh, Marjorie Weiss, Eric Wilka, Ryan Wilson, Annie Wood Bell, Jenny Young.

Three faculty members inducted were: Lindsay Lecklider, Lisa McGuire and Kim Moffett.

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