Dr. Carolyn Gentle-Genitty receives Glenn Irwin Experience Excellence Recognition Award

Dr. Carolyn Gentle-Genitty has been awarded the 2013 Glenn W. Irwin Experience Excellence Recognition Award for the time she has devoted to the lives of students, the School of Social Work and programs that cut across the IUPUI campus and community at-large.

In a letter informing Dr. Gentle-Genitty she had been selected to receive the award, IUPUI Chancellor Charles Bantz told her that “You are clearly one of the key contributors to the greatness that we believe is the destiny of IUPUI.”

Dr. Carolyn Gentle-GenittyMichael Patchner, Dean of the Indiana University School of Social Work, noted that among other things Dr. Gentle-Genitty has worked extensively with the Office of International Affairs, serving as a mentor to students and readily accepted a request to work with a new faculty member to assure a smooth transition onto the IUPUI campus. She spent several years working to create a mechanism where the best of the best international students could receive financial support when they chose to come to IUPUI over other universities in the United States.

Dr. Gentle Genitty, who first arrived at the School of Social Work as a PhD student from Belize, has been intimately involved in many multi-cultural efforts on the IUPUI campus, working with new students arriving on campus, the dean wrote. She has served as a voluntary consultant to the IUPUI Solutions center. She is a long-time member of the Talent Alliance, an effort to track and understand how to help students transition from elementary education all the way through to achieving successful careers. Not only is this effort above and beyond her duties here at the School of Social Work, but it reaches out across the Indianapolis region as partnerships are formed with community members to complete the Talent Alliance’s goals.

Dr. Gentle-Genitty has also found time to work with the School of Tourism Management and the School of Education on outreach programs. Through her volunteer work with the Under Represented Professional and Graduate Student organization, Dr. Gentle-Genitty finds herself working with students from the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry as well as Bio-Medical Engineering.

Over the years, the faculty of the School of Social Work has established a relationship with the Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia, traveling to Ethiopia to teach writing courses to graduate students there. Dr. Gentle-Genitty has participated as well, serving in PhD committees and helping students do literature reviews and reviews for their qualifying exams.

Dr. Gentle-Genitty is also known to go out of her way to help students find their academic passion if you will. Dr. Gentle-Genitty was once asked to give a presentation to McNair Scholars and other students where she talked about her research. Afterwards, students came to her and wanted to talk about doing social work. She asked them whether they were interested in social work or were interested in the type of research she was doing. It turned out they were interested in research and applied to do research under her. However, there was one problem – the students were from other departments.  Instead of thanking the students for their interest, but saying she couldn’t help, she worked with the School of Social Work’s Associate Dean and came up with a plan to develop independent studies programs for the students who came from psychology and IT departments.

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