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Diversity and Inclusion

Land Acknowledgement #

We acknowledge the Indiana University School of Social Work is located on the ancestral lands of Indigenous Peoples from time immemorial (e-ma-memorial). Indiana is the traditional lands of Potawatomi (Pot-a-wat-a-me), Illini (uh-lie-ni), Miami, Kickapoo, Lenape (le-na-pee)/Delaware, Wea (we), Piankashaw (pee-ain-pa-shaw), Shawnee, Nanticoke (nan-ta-coke), and Wyandot (why-n-dot). We are dedicated to amplifying Indigenous voices and perspectives, improving community relationships, correcting the narratives, and making the Indiana University School of Social Work supportive and inclusive places for Native and Indigenous students, faculty, and staff. With humility and respect, we at Indiana University School of Social Work recognize and honor all Indigenous Peoples, their histories, their political rights and sovereignty and their sacred ties to the land and waters.
Founded in 1969, IU Indianapolis stands on the historic homelands of Native peoples and, more recently, that of a vibrant Black community, also displaced. As the present stewards of the land, we honor them all as we live, work and study at IU Indianapolis.