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Apply to the Master of Social Work program today!

Apply today #

Admission to the Indiana University School of Social Work (IUSSW) is competitive. We have Master’s programs located across the state of Indiana and available online.

Application fees waived until July 2024!

2024 Admissions Application

Application Instructions #

It is important that you provide complete and accurate information when applying to the School. The School reserves the right to withdraw an application and/or revoke an offer of admission if you do not provide this information in a timely manner.

Choose the following from the Add Program tab:

  • Using the Filters
    • Open School, select IU School of Social Work
    • Open Degree, select Master’s
  • Using the search field “Search for a Program or Organization”
    • Type “Social Work”
  • Select the IU Campus program “Master of Social Work (MSW), Term 202x”
  • Standardized tests are required for international applicants only
  • Transcript uploads are REQUIRED

Application Materials #

In addition to answering the questions on the form, provide the following information/documentation within the relevant sections:

A professional resume is required.

Your writing sample and statement should be one double-spaced, five-page (maximum) document that is in 12-point font. In-text citations, a title page, and a reference page are required, and they do not count towards the five-page maximum. A citation style is required; American Psychological Association (APA) is preferred. Your writing sample and statement must address ALL of the following topics:

  1. Describe a social problem. Assuming you have the power and resources at your disposal, what would you recommend for intervention and/or social change to address this social problem?
  2. Describe how your personal and intellectual qualifications, past human service experience, and/or future goals are relevant to assisting the most economically and socially disadvantaged groups in our society. Please provide specific examples.
  3. Recount an ethical dilemma you have had in your personal, professional, or volunteer experience. Discuss your decision-making process and the factors that contributed to the ultimate outcome. Please protect confidentiality and do NOT reveal the names of people or organizations.
  4. How will your decision to pursue an MSW help you reach your personal and professional goals?

Note: Please use headings or numbers to separate each response in your statement.

Please submit one current academic transcript from each college/university you have attended. This includes transcripts from study abroad, from institutions where you were enrolled for academic credit as a non-degree student, and/or for credits that you transferred to another college/university. Provided transcripts must show all completed and/or in-progress coursework. Scanned student copies or unofficial transcripts are accepted. However, self-reported or advising transcripts are not accepted. Please note that if you attended Indiana University, you do not need to submit your Indiana University transcripts.

Submitted transcripts must include:

  • your name
  • the institution’s name
  • your dates of attendance
  • the grades you received for each completed course in all of the terms you attended

Degree information, including the degree received and the date of its receipt (if applicable) must be on the transcript. If degree information is on a separate degree document (i.e., a diploma), please create one PDF that includes both the transcript and the degree document. Please do this, as applicable, for each college/university for which you are submitting a transcript.

Include a copy of the transcript key or interpretation guide. This information appears either on the back of the transcript or in a separate document. If your transcript(s) is not in English, please provide a certified English translation.

Before uploading the documents to the relevant section of the online application form, mark out your social security number and birth date so they cannot be read.

The School reserves the right to revoke an offer of admission if any discrepancies are found on your transcripts and/or if transcripts are not provided to the School in a timely manner.

Identify two professional references who are willing to write a letter of recommendation for you. Make sure you include the correct email address for each referee in your application . Once you submit your application form, an email will be sent to each referee that includes a link to an electronic Web form. Referees can upload a letter of recommendation to the form. Referees will be asked to address questions about characteristics social workers must have and how these relate to your personal and professional characteristics.

"url(#clip0_20_18)"> All materials should be submitted by the preferred campus deadline to be considered.

Criteria & Decisions #

If you received a BSW from an accredited program within the past five years of your intended MSW start date, you are eligible for advanced standing admission.

Students may also qualify for advanced standing if they have received a BSW from an accredited program in the past 10 years and have social work practice experience or maintained active social work licensure during the past five years.

If you received a BSW outside of this time frame, or if you have a bachelor’s degree other than a BSW, you are eligible for regular standing admission.

Admissions decisions to the MSW program are primarily based on a review of your previous undergraduate and graduate work, your experience in human services (paid, volunteer, research, and internship), and the references and written documentation you provide. You must meet the following criteria:

  1. Evidence of an earned bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  2. An undergraduate record that reflects a liberal arts perspective as demonstrated by the successful completion of a minimum of six courses in social or behavioral sciences. Courses from the following disciplines are accepted:  social work, psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, history, human services, political science, government, criminal justice, and/or languages.
    • Note: Other social or behavioral sciences courses outside of the listed disciplines may be accepted.
  3. An undergraduate record that reflects successful completion of a college-level math course or equivalent.
  4. Critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate effectively in writing, as reflected in the application questions and required writing sample and statement.
  5. Evidence of personal qualities considered important for social work practice.
  6. It is the policy of the School of Social Work that no student or applicant who has been convicted of sex offenses against children shall be eligible for admission or continuation into the BSW, MSW or Ph.D. programs.

Note: The Graduate Record Exam (GRE), the Miller’s Analogy Test (MAT), and other graduate tests are not required.

Once you submit your application, you will receive emails regarding the application process:

  • As part of the application process, you must provide two academic or professional references. Once your references provide the necessary information requested by the School, you will receive an email that confirms your application is ready for committee review.  You can login to the application as many times as needed to change the reference.

Once the committee review is complete, you will receive an email with a decision of admission. To accept an offer of admission, you must complete an intent form within a given time frame. Failure to meet this deadline may be cause for cancellation of admission. The offer of admission provides specific details about the intent form. You will receive additional emails about enrollment processes and orientations.

Should you choose not to enroll in the semester for which admission was granted, the School allows deferrals of up to one year. If you defer admission, you must confirm your intent at the time of the next enrollment/admission period.

Note: Admitted students who do not attend classes within the one-year admissions period forfeit their enrollment deposit.

Admissions with Conditions

Full admission to the MSW program is granted when all admission requirements are met. Tentative admission is granted contingent upon meeting specific conditions. Such conditions include:

  • Qualified applicants are admitted before completing their bachelor’s degree requirements. Satisfactorily complete your undergraduate degree and provide a final official academic transcript before you register for the first semester.
  • Qualified applicants do not have the minimum credit hours for the courses in social or behavioral sciences requirement.
  • Qualified applicants do not have the minimum of a  college-level math course or equivalent.
  • Qualified applicants do not have other necessary requirements or materials.

Note: All conditions must be met and materials obtained before the first semester starts.

Tentative admission is changed to full admission once you have met the specified condition(s). Failure to fulfill these conditions(s), as stated above and/or in the offer of admission, may result in cancellation of admission.

Admissions Criteria

Admissions decisions are primarily based on a review of the following:

  1. Past academic performance, as reflected in a cumulative undergraduate GPA
  2. Critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate effectively in writing, as reflected in the application questions and required writing sample and statement
  3. Graduate course work performance (if any)
  4. Personal commitment to social work and suitability for the profession
  5. Length and type of work and volunteer experience
  6. Letters of reference
  7. Evidence of personal qualities considered important for social work practice
  8. Diversity considerations

Campus Deadlines #

Indianapolis Deadlines

Bloomington Deadlines

Fort Wayne Deadlines

Northwest Deadlines

Regular & Advanced Standing
Starts: Fall – 2024
Deadline: 07/15/2024
Apply to Northwest – Master of Social Work (MSW), Fall 2024
View the degree maps for Northwest Regular Standing

Southeast Deadlines

Advanced Standing Part-time
Starts: TBD
Deadline: TBD
View the degree maps for Southeast Regular Standing

South Bend Deadlines

Regular & Advanced Standing Full-Time/Part-Time
Starts: Fall – 2024
Deadline: 07/15/2024
Apply to South Bend – Master of Social Work (MSW), Fall 2024
View the degree maps for South Bend

Lafayette Deadlines

Regular Standing Part-time
Starts: Summer II – 2024:
Deadline: 05/30/2024
Apply to Lafayette Program – Master of Social Work – Lafayette (MSW), Fall 2024

View the degree maps for Lafayette

Online Program Deadlines