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Criteria #

  • Graduating senior in the Indiana University School of Social Work (IUSSW) Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program
  • Minimum GPA of 3.25
  • Good standing within the BSW program and Indiana University
  • Letter of recommendation from your campus BSW program Director/Coordinator
  • Background review by the Indiana University Graduate Office at your respective campus

Application Process #

  • Applicants should apply during their final semester in the Bachelor of Social Work program
  • Contact Brooke Creech or Mo Cambridge for fee waiver code
  • Complete the Indiana University Graduate CAS application (link above)
  • You are not required to complete a writing sample or a resume. You may upload blank documents in these sections
  • Use the following information for recommendations:
    • Recommendation 1: Mo Cambridge,
    • Recommendation 2: Your campus BSW Program Director
  • Please allow your recommendation writers at least 2 weeks to complete the letter, not including campus holidays

Contact Admissions #

Contact Program Director #