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Your future in social work begins here

Our Bachelor of Social Work program prepares you for general social work practice. You’ll learn the foundations of the profession and how to practice ethically and with respect to diversity. All of our courses are taught by expert faculty with professional experience in the field of social work. As undergraduates, IU social work students combine classroom study with real-world learning experiences that coincide with their interests.

Social Work Changes Lives #

"url(#clip0_21_516)"> Hospitals and schools. Community and nonprofit organizations. Private practices. Social service and government agencies. In nearly every imaginable setting, social workers use their knowledge and skills to make people and communities stronger. Whether counseling individuals and families, promoting social and economic justice, shaping public policy or supporting community systems, social workers make a difference every day.

Providers of Mental Health Care in the U.S.
Campus Locations
2700 +
Community Partners for field placement

Mental Health Source: U.S. News & World Report, National Association of Social Workers, and US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Education that’s robust and relevant #

Led by engaged faculty with extensive experience in the profession, our bachelor’s degree courses prepare you for general social work practice. You ’ll learn the foundations of social work and how to practice ethically, professionally and with respect to diversity. Students combine classroom studies with real-world learning that matches their interests. We have more than 2700 community partners in Indiana alone to help ensure your social work practicum experience, required for your degree, is personalized and meaningful. Some of our students enrich their undergraduate education by studying abroad.

Fast track to your future #

For IU BSW students who meet certain academic requirements, we offer a fast track program that bypasses traditional application to our Master of Social Work program. Qualifying students can complete the MSW degree in just one year, instead of two, enabling them to boost their marketability for social work positions that require the MSW degree.

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