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Apply to the Bachelor of Social Work program today!

Apply to the IU School of Social Work #

It is important that you provide complete and accurate information when applying to the School. The school reserves the right to withdraw an application and/or revoke an offer of admission if you do not provide this information in a timely manner.

BSW Application

Application Materials #

In addition to answering the questions on the form, provide the following information within the relevant sections:

Keeping the IU School of Social Work Mission Statement in mind:

“Guided by an authentic commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Indiana University School of Social Work is nationally and internationally recognized for educating leaders of tomorrow through community-engaged practice, research, and partnerships to positively impact individuals and society.”

With a well-written 5-6 sentence paragraph for each, please respond to the following:

  1. How will you use a BSW degree to promote social justice?
  2. What are your strengths and areas of needed growth that you will contribute to being a valuable social work student and social worker?

We will ask that you affirm the NASW Code of ethics (website) as a student within the school.

Transcripts submitted to the university will be included in the application review.  Additional transcripts for review not previously submitted to the university will need to be submitted with this application.

Criteria #

Enrollment in the BSW program requires formal admission to the IU School of Social Work and Indiana University. The following are the minimum requirements for consideration for admission to the program:

  1. Regular admission to the university.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 12 credit hours.
  3. Satisfactory completion (grade of C or higher) of the required course SWK-S 141 Introduction to Social Work or equivalent course (. i.e., Intro to Human Services).
  4. A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  5. Evidence of characteristics or potential required of competent social work practitioners as defined in the mission statement of the School. Such evidence is derived from the personal statement, commitment to adherence of the NASW Code of Ethics, and transcripts.
  6. It is the policy of the School of Social Work that no student or applicant who has been convicted of sex offenses against children shall be eligible for admission or continuation into the BSW, MSW or Ph.D. programs.
  7. We strongly encourage students who meet the minimum criteria to apply. You may apply early for consideration of conditional admission (I.e., have completed 12 credit hours and need to take SWK-S141, are short of meeting the 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA).

Decisions #

Once the committee review is complete, you will receive an email with a decision of admission. To accept an offer of admission, you must complete an intent form within a given time frame. Failure to meet this deadline may be result in cancellation of admission. The offer of admission provides specific details about the intent form and enrollment process.

Should you choose not to enroll in the semester for which admission was granted, there is an allowance for deferral of up to one year. If you defer admission, you must confirm your intent at the time of the next enrollment/admission period.

Admissions with Conditions

Full admission to the BSW Program is granted when all admission requirements are met. Conditional admission is granted upon meeting specific requirements. Conditional admission is changed to full admission once you have met the specified condition(s). Failure to fulfill these condition(s), as stated in the offer of admission, may result in cancellation of admission.

Admissions Criteria

Admissions decisions are primarily based on a review of the following:

  1. Past academic performance, as reflected in a cumulative undergraduate GPA
  2. Critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate effectively in writing, as reflected in the personal statement as well as evidence of characteristics or potential required of competent social work practitioners

Campus Deadlines #

Indianapolis Admission Deadlines

Application Review begins in January

  • Fall Admission: Priority Deadline
    • April 1st, 2024
  • Fall Admission: Final Deadline
    • May 15th, 2024

Please contact our Pre-Social work advisor Ms. Jewel Mosley with questions.

Bloomington Admission Deadlines

  • Fall Admission
    • May 15th, 2024
  • Fall Admission- (BSW-TSAP applicants)
    • June 1st, 2024
  • Spring Admission
    • December 1st, 2023

Fort Wayne Admission Deadlines

  • Fall Admission
    • July 1st, 2024

Northwest Admission Deadlines

  • Fall Admission
    • December 1st, 2023
  • Spring Admission
    • Monday after Spring Break

South Bend Admission Deadlines

Fall Admission

  • May 15, 2024 is the priority date for applications. Later applications will be considered after this date until the program is full.
  • Students admitted in the spring start the BSW Program in the fall.