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Research innovation on the move

Bridging gaps, making connections, uncovering solutions…restoring hope. Social workers make a difference in many ways—and all of them require a willingness to develop new ideas and explore new ways of thinking and doing. At IU, our commitment to social work research has made us leaders in addressing the problems and issues that individuals, families, and communities face—both here in Indiana and around the world.

Leaders in research #

Our faculty are nationally recognized leaders in social work research. Combining practical experience in the field with the latest research methods, IU social work faculty are on the forefront of developing new knowledge and interventions aimed at improving lives.

Tackling society’s toughest problems #

Today’s issues demand quality standards, better outcomes and professional accountability for social health and well-being. Mental illness and addictions, homelessness, child abuse and neglect, bullying prevention, library social work, trauma, and racial and gender discrimination are just a few of the issues our faculty and PhD students are researching. Contributing new knowledge and designing effective interventions, IU School of Social Work is engaged in finding better ways to meet society’s complex challenges.

$15 million +
in externally funded research, evaluation and training
Recent publications since 2021

Learn and grow where research is a priority #

Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, IU School of Social Work offers a rich environment of learning and inquiry. There are opportunities for bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degree students to get involved with research, working independently or in partnership with our faculty. Our social work doctoral program is grounded in research excellence providing opportunities beyond the classroom into the community.

“The undeniable energy and success around research and scholarship are palpable and offer new and enhanced learning opportunities for our students across program levels.”

Tamara S. Davis ,
Dean and Professor
Indiana School of School Work