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Labor Studies

Education that works anywhere

Learn about organized labor in the United States with an online program that works no matter where your career is headed. Ideal for individuals involved in negotiations and labor unions, as well as those pursuing a broad liberal arts education, it’s a program that prepares students for leadership roles in the workplace and in the community.

Labor Studies courses are open for all IU campuses! #

"url(#clip0_21_484)"> All Labor Studies courses are available online.

Flexible options to earn your degree with regular sixteen week semester courses and eight week compressed courses.

Credit and non-credit university-level courses.

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Degrees, certificates, and more #

  • AS-LS

    Associate of Science in Labor Studies

    Provides a solid beginning career foundation in the field of work. Students may use the degree to jumpstart their college education, combine it with another major, and earn higher incomes and promotions.

  • BS-LS

    Bachelor of Science in Labor Studies

    With a focus on the rapidly changing conditions of work within a national and global perspective, graduates are prepared to assume leadership roles in the workplace and in communities.

  • Certificate in Labor Studies

    Designed for individuals seeking basic knowledge about labor rights, collective bargaining, labor problems, and more.

  • Continuing Education

    The school offers continuing education on current and emerging workforce issues. Credit and non-credit university level education for current and future workers to increase knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking about work and labor organizations within a global context.

  • Labor Studies Minor

    Providing students with a foundation for further specialization in areas relevant to their individual career interests.

  • Take a Labor Studies course as an elective

    Flexible online courses offered in compressed calendars or full semester calendars. All Indiana University students are eligible to take a Labor Studies course.

  • Guaranteed Admissions Pathway

    The Department of Labor Studies offers a Guaranteed Admissions Pathway to Ivy Tech students who graduate with an Associate of Science in Accounting, Associate of Science in Liberal Arts, Associate of Science in Business Operations, Applications and Technology, Associate of Science in Business Administration, and Associate of Science in Supply Chain Management.

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Career Opportunities #

Affirmative Action Coordinator, Arbitrator, Compensation Manager, Conciliator, Dispute Resolution Specialist, EEO Representative, Employee Benefits Manager, Employee Relations Representative, Employee Welfare Manager, Employment Counselor, Federal/State Mediator, Human Resources Administrator, Industrial Relations Director, Job Analyst, Labor Organizer, Labor Relations Manager, Manufacturing Supervisor, Occupational Analyst, Placement Manager, Union Staff Representative

Labor Studies is the best choice #

Labor Studies empowers students to be engaged citizens and agents of change who will create a more just and equitable world of work.

Promotes respect for workers and an understanding of working class histories, experiences, perspectives and knowledge.

Increased knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking about work and labor organizations within a global context.

The Labor Studies program has given me a solid scholastic foundation to supplement my work experience in Labor Relations Management. The curriculum allows insight to everyday real life work experiences. Additionally, the program has allowed me to develop in my role by giving me a balanced outlook on labor-management relationships. I highly recommend this program.

Margo Rout, BS-LS

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