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Greetings #

I am so pleased and excited to share with you our inaugural issue of Commitment to Research. With all of the disruptions brought about by the dueling pandemics this past year and a half, I am amazed at the tremendous research and scholarly achievements of our faculty and doctoral students during this time.

Upon an invitation by Indiana University for faculty to engage more deeply in scholarship around racial injustice, several of our faculty chose to advance explorations of racial injustice relevant to their respective research agendas. Our School is well represented among faculty from across Indiana University chosen to receive these research funding awards. Their work will make important contributions to understanding the changing racial landscape of society.

Tamara S. Davis #

Dean and Professor

I am also proud that over the past two years our faculty have helped the School to reach its highest levels of external funding in recent history. The undeniable energy and success around research and scholarship is palpable and offers new and enhanced learning opportunities for our students across program levels. Our doctoral students are making all kinds of positive contributions to our research program, bringing unique approaches to their scholarly endeavors.

In this first issue of our research magazine, we also pay tribute to two late faculty, Dr. Bill Barton and Dr. Jim Hall. Their significant contributions helped to build the School’s capacities to support faculty and doctoral research. They each left unique legacies in the School and Social Work profession.

I hope you enjoy reading and are moved by the stories and descriptions of the research and scholarly activity underway at the Indiana University School of Social Work. It is one more way our School remains committed to Giving Hope and Changing Lives!