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The Social Policy and Research Communication Program (SPRCP) of the Indiana University School of Social Work (IUSSW) is a new initiative that provides Ph.D. and MSW students the opportunity to produce policy briefs.

The purpose of the SPRCP

  • To generate a set of knowledge translation products
  • To train Ph.D. and MSW students in research communications.
  • Disseminate policy briefs to community stakeholder and legislators. The SPRCP is funded through the Center for Social Health and Well-being within the Indiana University School of Social Well-being.

Selected applicants will be invited to translate research findings generated by Ph.D. and MSW students into policy briefs suitable for perusal by legislators, stakeholders, and members in the community. The selected students will participate in a training activity in January, gain access to the SPRCP Canvas page, and produce a 3-5 page policy brief.

An Indiana University School of Social Work committee will determine the top three policy briefs and award monetary awards in the form of scholarships.

The following monetary awards will be provided:

  • best submission: $750.00
  • first runner-up: $500.00
  • second runner-up: $250.00

Policy brief finalists will be invited to the PhD Symposium on May 1, 2020 where awardees will be announced.

Eligibility and Application Process #

All doctoral and master-level social work students enrolled in the 2020-2021 academic year are eligible to apply.

Applicants should submit

  1.  an abstract of the proposed policy brief following the Application Form and
  2. a CV or resume. Submit your application materials electronically to

Abstract submissions will close on November 30, 2020 at 11:59 pm Eastern time. Accepted abstracts will be announced by December 14-18, 2020, and final policy brief submissions will close on February 15, 2021 at 11:59 pm.