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Center for Social Health & Well-being


For over 100 years the Indiana University School of Social Work has been committed to preparing professionals needed to provide effective human services as well as serve as leaders and policymakers in Indiana and beyond. In addition, the School has an equally long history in research and evaluation activities that aim to improve individual and community quality of life and promote social justice. The mission of The Center for Social Health and Well-being is support and conduct research, evaluation and training programs, in consort with external partners, that can address human and social needs faced by individuals, organizations, communities, and societies. To this end The Center for Social Health and Well-being brings together the work of a talented group of researchers who are active in services ranging from health and mental health to gerontology, and with a concomitant focus on diverse populations representing all ages and backgrounds. This summary document provides a snapshot of work that is currently ongoing at the School and also highlights the interests and expertise of staff including current PhD students.