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Qualifications #

  • Master of Social Work degree from CSWE accredited University
  • 2 years post-graduate experience
  • Higher Education teaching experience as a field instructor or in the classroom

Expectations #

  • Represents IUSSW and the University with students, agencies, and communities in a positive manner.
  • Acts as a representative for IU School of Social Work to engage and build collaboration with educational partners.
  • Works collaboratively with the student and the agency to ensure there are learning opportunities available and provides ongoing consultation for student success.
  • Plans and facilitates required seminars, assessing the integration of course curriculum at practice settings and ensuring that students demonstrate mastery of core competencies.
  • Works with the student(s) from the beginning through the completion of all practicum course requirements, as contracted by IUSSW.
  • Tracks and monitors educational progress of the student and ensures practicum setting is meeting the curricular expectations. Informs Field Coordinator of successes or challenges.
  • Identify with and professionally model the values, skills, and knowledge base of social work.
  • Reports to the Field Coordinator or Administrator.

Responsibilities #

  • Complete required IU and IU School of Social Work online and/or in-person trainings.
  • Attend Faculty meetings as needed to maintain communication with the Department, plan for the year, review field education policies and updates, and discuss success and challenges.
  • Co-facilitate required student practicum pre-orientation and/or formal orientation.
  • Follow provided course Syllabus and develop Canvas course sites.
  • Schedule and facilitate required seminars.
  • Assign, provide instructions for and grade seminar assignments as applicable.
  • Review, provide feedback, and approve Draft Learning Plan and Learning Plan forms.
  • Monitor completion and content of weekly Supervision Records as applicable.
  • Review Midpoint Evaluation and Final Evaluation forms to address and problem-solve areas for improvement and to calculate passing score and final course grade.
  • Monitor student attendance status in the seminar and practicum setting.
  • Monitor timesheets in Sonia to adhere to policy guidelines regarding number of hours completed per week and breakdown of direct/indirect practice.
  • Monitor to ensure students receive a minimum of one hour of supervision weekly by assigned Field Instructor.
  • Complete mid- and end-of-semester Sonia forms and timesheet audit to ensure all requirements are completed and approved.
  • Schedule and attend required site visits for each student. Document site visit feedback in students’ Sonia profile utilizing the Site Visit Feedback Form.
  • Monitor students’ performance within their practicum by maintaining ongoing timely communication with students and field instructors.
  • Professionally and proactively respond to students and agencies in a timely manner.
  • Respond to requests for or request additional student agency meetings to problem-solve and resolve issues of concern to support and advocate for students and agencies.
  • Monitor quality, effectiveness, and appropriateness of each practicum placement and  assist with placement changes as needed.
  • Assist in identifying resources including new agency sites and External Field Instructors.
  • Create, implement, and monitor performance improvement plan(s) when necessary.
  • Attend Student Review Meetings to resolve significant student performance issues.
  • Respond to direction and requests of Field Coordinator, Director of Field Education, and/or Program Director.
  • Provide consultation to Field Instructors about the BSW/MSW curriculum and the educational planning for assessment of student mastery of core competencies.
  • Submit final grade to Registrar.
  • Complete additional tasks as requested.

Knowledge, Skills, And Compentencies #

  • A strong working knowledge of the IUSSW Field Manual and familiarity with the IUSSW Student Handbook to maintain adherence to policies and procedures.
  • A strong understanding of social work values, theory, and knowledge and how to apply to a wide variety of practice settings and populations.
  • An ability to communicate effectively with students and agency representatives to maintain a working relationship and support their needs.
  • An ability to navigate software used to document, monitor, and audit student progress.
  • Ability to learn and use the university’s learning management system and virtual meeting tools.
  • Strong organizational skills and flexibility in schedule.
  • An ability to professionally manage conflict using a developmental approach.
  • A positive representation of IUSSW and the University with agencies and communities.
  • Experience supervising volunteers and/or employees from the Strengths Perspective.