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Because You Matter: PTZ Online #

Parent Trouble Zone (PTZ) is a FREE online program for parents or grandparents of youth ages 10 to 16.  It provides help for managing challenging behaviors like opposition and defiance.  Participants use a computer or smartphone anytime, anyplace, each week.  

How does PTZ work? What will I do? #

  • Individual web-learning: Web-learning helps with main areas of parent-child conflict. Participants describe improvements in listening, following directions, and problem-solving. Parents can also discover new strengths within themselves and identify their own parenting style and how to strengthen it.
  • Anonymous group troubleshooting: Parent troubleshooting is done in a discussion forum like Facebook (without commercials). Parents work online and at their own pace to troubleshoot problems.

Participation is anonymous. When you enroll, we ask that you use a “John Doe” rather than your real name.