PhD Symposium

22nd Annual Symposium

Moving Beyond Disparities in Social Work Health Research

Health disparities research typically compares ethnic/racial minorities’ mortality and morbidity rates with those of Whites. Less attention has been given to outcomes that indicate good health among ethnic minority communities. The more traditional approach misses valuable opportunities to generate useful knowledge on how to strengthen what it is working before it stops working. With its social justice historical roots, social work is ideally positioned to take a leading role in advancing health equity research. Social work is making important contributions in the design of culturally derived and community-based interventions with an emphasis on holistic, cultural protective factors, strengths, and resiliency. This presentation will highlight how social work health equity research is writing a more accurate and culturally-grounded health equity story. It will showcase intervention studies conducted in partnership with Latino/a and American Indian communities in the US as well as globally with diverse international partners. Social work and allied health disciplines’ contributions to the field, opportunities for future research and external funding, and the importance of educating social work doctoral students on health equity research will be highlighted.


Flavio F. Marsiglia, Ph.D.
Director, Global Center for Applied Health Research

Lunch is Provided!


Friday, April 27, 2018 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


University Hall Multipurpose Room, INAD2041/2043
301 University Blvd
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202


Please call (317) 274-6705 or email to register.