Myranda Warden, MSW, LSW


AD 2045G
301 University Boulevard
(317) 274-6734
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Curriculum Vitae


Myranda is a social worker and facilitator whose work focuses on liberating social work education and praxis. Rand’s professional background spans program development and evaluation, group facilitation, case management, mental health assessment, and psychiatric inpatient social work. Their work centers evidence-informed and culturally-responsive data, history, and practices.    

A proud Hoosier, Rand was born and raised in Indianapolis. They received both their BA and MSW at IUPUI. The classrooms and spaces Myranda co-creates alongside students are rooted in critical and liberatory pedagogy, constructivist and standpoint theories, specifically Chela Sandoval’s oppositional consciousness and Patricia Hill Collins’ black feminist thought.

Their social work practice, teaching philosophy, and personal values seek to reflect the wisdom of Angela Davis: “We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.” In that vein,