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What is a Social Work Field Instructor? #

The FIELD INSTRUCTOR plays an important role in a student’s academic career. Social workers are expected to demonstrate that they have a high level of knowledge and skills through structured field practice. The Field Instructor is responsible for modeling, teaching, and evaluating the social work student’s skills and abilities through observation of their practice in a structured learning practicum. The Field Instructor is also responsible for providing weekly supervision to social work student’s, which helps them connect classroom learning to real life professional social work practice. The Field Instructor’s commitment to teaching and education is paramount for social work student success.

Why should you be a Social Work Field Instructor? #

Because you are…

  • Wanting to earn continuing educational units that further enhance your professional knowledge and skills.
  • Passionate about social work and education and providing an opportunity to further enhance the social work profession one student at a time.
  • Working for an organization committed to service and learning and eager to provide those opportunities to social work students.
  • An expert in your focused area of social work practice and eager to share your knowledge and skills with students that are prepared to learn.

Where can you be a Field Instructor? #

You can work as a Field Instructor anywhere, such as at one of our campuses or online programs.

When can you start being a Field Instructor? #

Fall, Spring, or Summer.

We have students ready for you!