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Welcome to MSW Direct Advising #

Our advisors are available to current students and can provide referrals to appropriate on- and off-campus resources, help with registration issues, advocate, assist in academic planning, and provide career development support.

Sometimes they are the first step in determining your fit or stop out options for your program as well. Advising services are available by contacting one of your advisors. Our advisors will always contact your as promptly as possible.

We understand sometimes you need a quick answer. Please view our frequently asked questions to find common answers to many advising questions. You may find your answer there!

Academic Advising #

Frequently Asked Questions #

Please contact your advisor. Please do not make changes to your academic plan without contacting your advisor first. They will review your options and approve a plan that works best for you.

You may find the degree maps by going to the “MSW” tab on the MSW Direct Webpage and clicking on Degree Maps

Our campus program is supported by IU Indianapolis. MSW Direct students take their courses fully online, but are considered IU Indianapolis graduate students.

Please contact our recorder, Stephen Thompson at or the IU Indianapolis registrar’s office.

Please refer to your academic plan. Academic plans are reviewed by students and advisors on an ongoing basis in the program.

Please contact your campus program advisor; they can help you determine if MSW Direct is the right fit for you, and help you initiate the process.

Instructors have until the start of the semester to publish their courses on Canvas. Please reach out to one of your advisors if your canvas course has not been published by the second day of the semester.