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Unique certificate for leadership students!

Human Services Management Certificate for Leadership Students

Community and Organizational Leadership Focus Area #

The IU School of Social Work is offering the Human Services Management Certificate through The Network for Social Work Management. The goal of providing this certificate is to increase the number of leadership students who gain employment as managers and leaders of human service organizations. The Human Services Management Certificate provides external evidence that our Community and Organizational Leadership students have the competencies necessary to lead and manage organizations.
The certificate is available at no cost to students through IUSSW.
In addition to the courses currently required within the Leadership track, two additional courses are required:

  • Effective Human Services Leadership for Organizational Success (IUSSW)
  • The Principles and Techniques for Fundraising (Offered through the IU Indianapolis Lilly Family School of Philanthropy)

Students are to work with their academic advisors to assure that they select the courses required for this recognition.

Certificate delivery #

IUSSW will award certificates to eligible students upon graduation. The Network for Social Work Management will e-deliver the certificates to students. Their e-certificate can be attached to a LinkedIn account so that potential employers can see that graduates have this level of certification.

Competency Domains: #

Executive Leadership

  1. Advocates for social justice
  2. Analytical and critical thinking skills
  3. Communication skills
  4. Cross-cultural understanding
  5. Facilitates innovative change
  6. Interpersonal skills
  7. Maintains stakeholder relationship
  8. Professional behavior

Resource Management

  1. Effectively manages human resources
  2. Effectively manages and oversees the budget and other financial resources
  3. Ensures transparency, protection, and accountabilit
  4. Manages all aspects of information technology

Strategic Management

  1. Ensures strategic planning
  2. Designs and develops effective program
  3. Fundraises
  4. Manages risk and legal affair
  5. Marketing and public relations

Community Collaboration

Builds a relationship with complementary agencies, institutions and community groups and is an amalgamation of all the skills needed in social work management that are employed at the senior level.

Haven’t heard of the Network for Social Work Management? #

The Network for Social Work Management is an international organization focused on strengthening and advancing social work management within health and human services. The Network is a membership organization for social workers and human services professionals, working at all levels of management, across a broad and diverse range of organizations. The Network provides members with a platform to communicate, collaborate and encourage one another to grow within their professional careers.
The Network is led by a distinctive team of innovative leaders who are committed to strengthening and changing the face of human services leadership within the United States and abroad.

You are encouraged to join The Network for Social Work Management to access useful information for the continued growth and development of your career. Membership is free.