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The Certificate in Intergroup Dialogue (IGD)  is the first undergraduate interdisciplinary certificate, serving IU Indianapolis’s strategic plan initiative to promote an inclusive campus culture. The certificate is a collaborative effort between

  • IU School of Liberal Arts
  • IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs
  • IU School of Social Work*
  • Purdue School of Engineering and Technology
  • IU Indianapolis Office of Intercultural Literacy, Capacity, and Engagement

Students may earn the certificate from any of the 4 IU Indianapolis schools listed.

*Note that you must be a Social Work or Pre-Social Work Major to earn the certificate through the IU School of Social Work.


IGD Certificate Application

NOTE: Please download and complete the form. If a dialogue box does not appear when you click Submit, please download the completed form as a PDF and send it as an e-mail attachment to


You can earn this 12 credit-hour certificate in two to four semesters. Though the certificate can be pursued independently, it is possible to qualify for financial aid if you are also enrolled in a degree-seeking program. You must maintain a 2.0 overall GPA and pass all IGD certificate courses with a 2.0.


The curriculum includes courses in the following areas:

  • General Education (3 credit hours): The course is dialogue-intensive and incorporates the four-stage IGD teaching model.
  • Leadership Development and Communication Skills (3 credit hours): The course is designed to train you to facilitate dialogues for other students.
  • Social Identity and Diversity (3 credit hours): The course provides additional context in social identity and diversity issues relevant to your chosen field.
  • Capstone (3 credit hours): The course is a 400-level course that guides you to facilitate dialogues in subsequent general education “dialogue-intensive” courses for your peers.

NOTE: At least one class must be taken through the school from which you wish to receive the certificate.


  • Intercultural Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Civil Discourse
  • Leadership


IU Indianapolis Undergraduate Certificate in Intergroup Dialogue Checklist

NOTE: Not all sections of the courses listed are IGD-designated. Only IGD-designated courses count for the certificate. Contact your advisor to find out which IGD-designated courses are offered each semester and how they fit into your plan of study.