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Welcome to Human Trafficking: Part 1, developed and presented by the Indiana Child Welfare Education and Training Partnership. This training is available in different formats for State of Indiana employees and School of Social Work students. Scroll down the page for instructions on how to take this training.

State Employee Training #

State employees can take Human Trafficking: Part 1 through the State of Indiana’s Learning Portal (also known as SuccessFactors). If you’re already logged into My Learning in SuccessFactors, you can select the Human Trafficking: Part 1 button to go directly to the training.

If you haven’t logged in, the Human Trafficking: Part 1 button will take you to a log-in screen. After you’ve logged in, select the My Learning button. From there, you can search for this training by name (using the Find Learning search box) or come back here and use the direct training link.

For a video walkthrough of how to access this training, select the help button.

School of Social Work: Student Training #

In this training, you will review human trafficking as defined by the Indiana Code and recognize human trafficking indicators to identify victims of Human Trafficking.