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Digital Social Work Practice

The Office of e-Social Work Education and Practice bridges the gap between technology and practice in the emerging field of digital social work practice through a range of projects and approaches.  These include 1) a non-credit training course in the basics of telepractice; 2) four digital social work practice courses that train students in the foundations of practice, individual telepractice, digital social work group practice, and the macro practice of digital equity and data justice; 3) e-simulations for authentic, high-impact training in practice; 4) Because You Matter: a Rural Well-Being student field practicum in digital social work practice.

Digital Social Work Projects and Approaches #

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    e-OSCEs in Education & Practice

    e-OSCE provides authentic, high-impact, online, simulation-based learning experiences. Students preparation in field work is optimized with this innovation. Of our several types of simulation experiences, the e-OSCE provides the most authentic simulation of real-world practice.

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    e-Social Work Practice

    We participate in the "Because You Matter: Rural Well-Being Telepractice program. The program demonstrates tech-health equity macro practice, an essential part of the evolving field of digital social work practice. We authored chapters in a new publication: Social Work in an Online World: A Guide to Digital Practice.

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    We participate in a range of digital social work education and digital social work practice research activities. These include e-OSCE simulation impact, digital social work psychoeducation, tech-health equity training and student practice self-efficacy, and facilitators and barriers to rural tech-health equity service delivery.

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    e-Social Work Certificate Program

    Students can select from a range of course electives that include the following courses: D677: Foundations of e-Social Work Practice (3 cr.) D678: Telebehavioral Health Social Work Practice with Individuals (3 cr.) D679: e-Social Work Practice with Groups D675: Digital Equity, Digital Citizenship, Data Justice and Practice