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Ghana: Unpacking Structural Racism Through A Critical Exploration of Slave Heritage Sites

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You’ll visit heritage sites of memory and knowledge such as the slave dungeons, Dubois cultural center, Aburi Botanical Gardens, and more. Engage with communities, including students and faculty at the University of Ghana. Experientially visualize the human hierarchy by which societal resources are allocated through the organizing power of race. Critically evaluate the codependent relationships between persons of African and European descent, shaping group-based identity and subsequent behaviors that established race-based slavery. Engage in critical dialogue about our collective cultural memory and the embodied trauma, while exploring pathways to collective healing through structural intervention.

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Graduate students in the Indiana University system in Social Work, Africana Studies, Liberal Arts, Education, SPEA, Public Health, Medical Humanities, and other disciplines with an interest in building structural competencies for working in contexts shaped by structural and environmental racism.

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