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The last phase of data collection brought together the action ideas gathered throughout the process and culminated in the form of a Concept Map. The map configuration below reflects how participants classified the individual ideas for action into meaningful groupings. These groupings provided the framework for identifying specific areas of action for our strategic plan. In sum, the map’s eight groupings (or clusters) helped to organize the actions we need to take in order for us to become the School of Social Work we desire to be.

After reviewing the full data report and considering the overarching themes expressed through the data, the Strategic Planning Group settled on four strategic pillars to frame our strategic plan. The Concept Map below denotes these pillars in bold print, followed by the names of thematic areas (or clusters from the map), reflecting the supportive action ideas. The Strategic Planning Group included two additional thematic areas determined necessary to better correspond with the emphasis given in the data. Lastly, four additional thematic areas reflect university and community imperatives to which the School must respond.

Concept Map Legend

  • Raising our visibility and presence (Pillar 1)
  • Engaging and supporting quality students (Pillar 2)
  • Strengthening curriculum and assessment (Pillar 2)
  • Collaborating as a system school (Pillar 3)
  • Supporting and enhancing academic quality (Pillar 2)
  • Affirming culture and community (Pillar 1)
  • Activating our voices (Pillar 1)
  • Strengthening organizational systems to support faculty and staff (Pillar 3)

Pillars #