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  • Ensure Diverse & Inclusive Environment

    The IU School of Social Work seeks to Ensure a Diverse and Inclusive Environment for its students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Central to strengthening our internal environment and advancing external efforts, this pillar rose to the top of all stakeholders’ strategic priorities identified for the next three to five years. Three specific focal areas will guide our work in this strategic area: Affirming Culture and Community, Activating our Voices, Addressing Societal Inequities.

  • Enhance Teaching and Learning

    The IU School of Social Work seeks to Enhance teaching and learning for its students, faculty, staff and alumni. Three specific focal areas will guide our work in this strategic area: Strengthening curriculum and assessment, supporting and enhancing academic quality, engaging and supporting quality students

  • Strengthen the School Infrastructure

    Through the strategic planning data collection discussions, faculty and staff identified a need to strengthen the School’s infrastructure on multiple levels. Most actions necessary to achieve the goals in this pillar are centered internally. With our programs available across campuses, the School of Social Work is one of only two remaining academic units within Indiana University that function as a “system” school across most campuses. Accordingly, we must maintain centralized functional areas to ensure equitable supports for faculty and staff on every campus.

  • Increase Community and Global Engagement

    IUSSW is committed to excellence in community and global collaborative education, research, and service for advancing social and economic justice, empowerment, and human well-being in a changing global landscape. To realize this vision, we will engage in implementable strategies to raise our visibility and presence across IU campuses in the IUSSW system, as well as local, state, national, and international arenas. We seek to ensure our communications include diverse perspectives and that we are visible in diverse communities.