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Croatia: Social Work Practice in Post-War Communities

Program Information #

An international service learning course for students interested in gaining experience in working in community development programs in communities affected by war.

This international service-learning experience will provide students with an opportunity to learn and work with community development groups active in community reconstruction efforts, practice social work macro-practice, interact with community development actors and work with multidisciplinary teams.

The structure of this course is a combination of pre-departure seminars, in which students get an opportunity to learn about theories and approaches to community reconstruction and community practice; a two weeks service learning experience in Croatia; and a post-trip seminar back on the IU Indianapolis campus. The two weeks in Croatia will expose students to the consequences of the war and its impact on the wellbeing of communities.

While in Croatia, IU students, along with community development actors from the PRONI Centre for Social Education, will have the opportunity to learn and work together during seminars and assignments.

PRONI Centre for Social Education is an extraordinary Croatian NGO that has worked for more than one decade to minimize the ethnic division among youth and create an environment in which young people can rebuild safe and long lasting communities.

Through the PRONI Centre for Social Education students will have an opportunity to interact and work with local students from University of Osijek.

The lectures will take place at the headquarters of PRONI Centre for Social Education in Osijek, Croatia.

One field trip to the Danube and the region of Osijek/Vukovar will be planned for a weekend.

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  • This program plans to run in Summer 2022.

Housing Information

  • In Osijek, students will stay with host families. While in Zagreb accommodation will be a hotel.

Academic Program #

The course will offer three credit hours for graduate students in SWK-S 600 or undergraduate students in SWK-S 400. This international service-learning experience will provide students with an opportunity to learn and work with local community social reconstruction actors as well as international social development personnel involved in community practice initiatives and community reconstruction through elementary schools.

This course will serve as an elective for students in the Master of Social Work program, the Bachelor of Social Work program, or other majors in IU Indianapolis/non-IU Indianapolis system.

The available coursework is particularly suited for, but not necessarily limited to, the following academic interests: Social Work, Sociology, Public Affairs and Administration, and Political Science.

Program Eligibility #

All applicants must meet IU Indianapolis’s minimum standard eligibility requirements. Additional requirements for this program include:

  • This course will be open to any undergraduate or graduate student in the IU system in social work, sociology, SPEA, political science and other disciplines with an interest in social development and community development.
  • There are no prerequisites or language requirements.
  • Graduate students must have a 3.0 minimum GPA and undergraduate students must have a 2.75 GPA.
  • Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with their programs of study.
  • Graduating seniors must postpone their graduation to after May if they participate in this program, as the course will not be graded until the program officially ends.

Selection is based on maturity, seriousness of purpose, and appropriateness of match between program and applicant.

Additional Information #