Mari Consiglieri

Graduating high school, Mari knew she wanted to enter college with a major she would be passionate about. She learned about social work through her brother’s fiancé and knew that was all she wanted to do with her life. She always envisioned herself in a career where she could contribute not only the greater good of society but simply make someone’s day just a little easier for them. Upon further reflection, Mari decided becoming a child social worker then proceeding into becoming a family therapist.

Taylor Ellis

Taylor is currently a junior in the School of Social Work. While majoring in Social Work, she also is minoring in Non-profit management. Once she earns her BSW, Taylor has a desire to become a Department of Child Services Social Worker. She plans eventually to earn her MSW.

Madison Massoth

Madison is a senior at Indiana University, majoring in social work. She plans to enter the MSW Advanced Standing program this summer, and then work toward her LCSW.  Madison has a passion for rock climbing, backpacking, and teaching people about the outdoors. She hopes one day to merge my two passions and work in the wilderness therapy field.