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Alumni Association Scholarship

($5 x 200 people) + JOYFUL Scholarship Recipient = IMPACT

$1600 Goal

Supports Social Work Students Achieving the Highest Academic Standards – Recipient must be in the top 10% of his/her class

Requires a Demonstrated Commitment to Community Service – Recipient has dedicated himself/herself to improving their community through volunteerism

Financial Need – Student does not have the total financial resources to cover their educational expenses.

Social Workers are people of action, dedicated to improving the lives of other people. We need your help!

Please join your fellow alumni TODAY and give just $5 to a social work student in need of support!

Your combined gifts can help provide a $1,000 scholarship.

200 generous alumni and friends are needed to give just $5 toward one of the School’s Alumni Association Scholarship to be awarded each year.

Donate $5 today and Impact the life of a social work student in need.

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