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Clinical and Community Practice with focus on Children, Youth & Families

Offered at the Indianapolis campus.

Clinical and Community Practice #

The Clinical and Community Practice Concentration curriculum prepares students to work across the micro-to-macro continuum of social work services. Students will learn more breadth and depth in their knowledge base, including theories that underlie various types of social work practice. In addition, the curriculum serves to advance their critical thinking and foundation practice skills for entry into advanced practice courses in a variety of focus areas.

Focus on Children, Youth & Families #

Students in this focus area understand at an advanced level mandates of the children, youth, and family serving systems and learn to effectively intervene within the current framework of state and federal legislation. They are able to assess the impact of trauma and assess for risk and resilience with children, youth, and families and design effective interventions that build on best-practices and strengths with individuals, families and communities. They identify and apply interventions that address trauma, risk and resilience in advanced practice with children, youth, and families. They evaluate the impact of the forms, mechanisms, and consequences of oppression and discrimination in the systems that impact children, youth, and families, including the impact on people of color, women, lesbian women and gay men, and other populations at risk as well as those groups distinguished by age, ethnicity, culture, class, religion, region, gender identity, and physical or mental ability.

The MSW curriculum includes three distinct levels #

Students progress toward the advanced degree in social work through each level.

  1. 1


    Regular standing students start in the foundation level of courses.

  2. 2


    Students with a BSW start in the concentration level of courses.

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    Focus Area: Children, Youth & Families