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Public School-Based Learning Collaborative

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of children and adolescents in the school setting? Are you interested in becoming a licensed school social worker or a school-based mental health social worker? Look no further! The IU School of Social Work-Public School-Based Learning Collaborative offers an exciting opportunity for eligible MSW students to pursue their dreams.

About the Collaborative #

The school is a renowned leader in the state, providing top-notch education to aspiring School Social Workers. Our partnerships with Pike Township, Tippecanoe County, and Lafayette School Districts, along with Cummins Behavioral Health and Valley Oaks Health, make us uniquely equipped to offer an exceptional learning experience.

Full 1-year Scholarships
second year of MSW
health insurance coverage

Scholarship Details #

Thanks to the United States Department of Education’s generous grant, eligible MSW students are now eligible for full 1-year scholarships during their second year of MSW studies (or advanced standing year). These scholarships are specifically aimed at students interested in working as school social workers, leading to school license endorsement, or school-based mental health social workers.

Field Placement Opportunities #

Students in the School focal area will have the chance to apply for this opportunity and will be placed in one of the following school districts: Pike Township Schools, Tippecanoe County Schools, or Lafayette Schools. For students focusing on Children, Youth, and Families, or Mental Health, they can also apply and may be placed at Cummins Behavioral Health in Pike Township or at Valley Oaks in Tippecanoe County Schools.

Additional Benefits #

Along with the full scholarships, selected students will receive a $5000 stipend and health insurance coverage. Moreover, they will have the invaluable opportunity to participate in the Public-School Learning Collaborative as part of their field practicum experience. The collaborative, in conjunction with our partnership schools, offers an in-depth, evidence-based mental health and school-based curriculum, further grounding their field practicum. This additional training will prepare students to become licensed in Indiana and effectively start working in a school or school-serving agency upon graduation, with the possibility of priority hiring for positions upon completing the program.

Coursework Flexibility #

The school offers flexibility in coursework, catering to various preferences. The school focal area courses are available at Indianapolis and Northwest campuses and in the Online program, either in person or through our user-friendly online environment. For those pursuing Children, Youth, and Families, or Mental Health and Addictions, in-person courses are available at Indianapolis and Gary, IN.

How to Apply #

To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, simply apply to the MSW program and indicate your interest in the School focal area or the Children, Youth, and Families, or Mental Health and Addictions focal areas. Scholarships and field placement opportunities will be awarded to eligible students based on merit and program fit.

Join Us Today

Don't miss this chance to receive quality education, financial support, and hands-on experience through the collaborative. Shape your future as a School Social Worker or School-Based Mental Health Social Worker and make a lasting difference in the lives of young individuals.
Apply now and embark on an exciting journey with us!

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