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Clinical and Community Practice with focus on Health

Offered on the Indianapolis and IU Northwest campuses.

Clinical and Community Practice #

The Clinical and Community Practice Concentration curriculum prepares students to work across the micro-to-macro continuum of social work services. Students will learn more breadth and depth in their knowledge base, including theories that underlie various types of social work practice. In addition, the curriculum serves to advance their critical thinking and foundation practice skills for entry into advanced practice courses in a variety of focus areas.

Focus on Health #

Students who elect to practice in the health arena, apply the knowledge and skills of advanced social work practice to build and work effectively with multi-disciplinary teams that include physicians, nurses, dentists, psychiatrists and other health care professionals. Students learn the medical terminology to conduct bio-psycho-social assessments based on myriad disease entities and patient dynamics. As social workers, they understand how healthcare is financed in the United States, analyze how financial resources for healthcare affect individual patient care, and advocate for change that improves access for all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or other factors.

The MSW curriculum includes three distinct levels #

The MSW curriculum includes three distinct levels through which students progress toward the advanced degree in social work.

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    Focus Area: Health