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External Minor #

All students completing a Ph.D. degree in the School of Social Work are required to complete an External Minor consisting of at least twelve (12) credit hours in a school or department other than social work. The External Minor is intended to provide students with both an interdisciplinary perspective and a specialized focus for their research. It is intended to broaden and enrich the student’s locus of inquiry. External Minors are individually designed in consultation with the student’s academic advisor and in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the particular school as approved by the Indiana University Graduate School.

Expectations for the External Minor include:

  1. The course must be graduate level and offered as part of an approved Minor program offered at Indiana University.
  2. The student’s external minor academic advisor must approve all courses comprising the External minor and confirm the rationale for the courses selected.
  3. Courses included as part of the Minor cannot duplicate courses offered in the School of Social Work.
  4. Courses that are part of the requirements of another degree can be used to meet the requirements of the External Minor.
  5. Students must attain at least the minimum grades prescribed by the school or department offering the External Minor.
  6. Students should submit a written external minor proposal signed by the external minor adviser to the Ph.D. Program Director.